Function Room Hire Preston Lancashire

Venue Hire In Preston Lancashire

There’s a great function room hire in Preston Lancashire just waiting for your event! The Function Room near me has everything you need to host an unforgettable party. With its fantastic atmosphere.

I recommend booking over email today – there are limited spaces available so don’t miss out on being able to put your guests at ease with something special by choosing wisely

Deepdale Labour Club offers a very large function room which is available for all events.

We offer a large function Room for Hire in Preston Lancashire, just minutes from the city center and close to major roads.

Our very large car park is available for your guests to leave cars parked overnight or while in attendance at your event.

At our Great Function Room Hire Venue in Preston.

The Function Room is available from Monday To Sunday 7 Days a Week

Our Function Room in Preston can cater for up to 150 Guests

The function Room Hire In Preston is available for all types of Functions

Meeting room in Preston

You’re looking for a room that can accommodate your guests and keep them entertained? You’ve come to the right place. Our meeting rooms in Preston are available year-round, so no matter what time of year you need it – we’ve got something just right!

Wedding Venue Preston, Our Function room Hire is Preston is the perfect

Whether you are looking for an unforgettable venue or just want to save some money, our Function Room can’t be beaten. We have plenty of parking and great bar prices so guests won’t miss out on their drinks!

Contact us today if this sounds like the perfect spot for your big day.

We know what takes place when planning a wedding; we’ve been there and done that – but luckily now it’s all in front of us because, at __ Deepdale Labour Club, weddings come first no matter how small they may seem.

When booking with them, you’ll not only get excellent service from the start

Funeral Wake Venue Preston

Funeral wake venue recommendations for Preston
Preston holds a lot of wakes. So, if you’re looking to host your loved one’s send-off ceremony and service at an appropriate location that will show off their life story in its entirety then look no further than our facility!

We can help with every detail–from finding out what type of car they would have wanted as well as how many people should attend; right down to making sure there are enough seats available so everyone who wants may situate themselves comfortably before seeing any photographs or video clips (if applicable).

The best part about using us is knowing exactly where things stand heading into this difficult time which saves families from having

Engagement Parties Preston

Hold your engagement party at our club, We have had plenty of Engagement functions at our club

Birthday Party Venue Preston

We are the place to go for your next birthday party in Preston. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a 21st or 30th, we have got what it takes! Our Function Room Hire in Preston is Just Perfect

We don’t regret our decision at all when I found out that this was where my friends were planning on having their event so ended up joining them as well because let’s just say there will always be another special day ahead of us

Kids Parties Preston

For the little ones, we offer an alternative that will be perfect. We allow you to hire our venue with or without bar service for your kid’s party so they won’t miss out on any fun!

For whatever your requirements are, our friendly team is always on hand to help make any arrangements that may be required.